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Customised Tours

Tour to any destination, any number of days, any purpose and for any number of persons can be customarily designed to suit to your wallet.

Day Tours

Single day visit to important locations and around your place of stay has been indicated in conducted and week and tour treks.                

Photographic Tour

Specially designed tours treks to unique wildlife habitat and scenic locations are provided to selected groups seasoning.

All Destinations

Provides tour and trekking packages to all most all important destinations of Odisha in general and outside Odisha in particular.    

Why Choose Eco Tours & Treks

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Hiking/Waterfall Trekking

There are more than 65 large, medium and small waterfalls in Odisha trekking Uphill/Downhill along the waterfall is not only enchanting but also thrilling.


Skating/Beach Trekking

Odisha has got 480 km long coastline at places passes through wonderful beaches. Trekking along the coast posting through the beached and crossing over river confluences gives an unique experierces .



Odisha is the places of hills and hillocks where Eastern Ghat as well as Chotanagpur plateau exists .Here there are wonderful scope of mountain climbing scope.


Relax Tours

Some persons want tranquility and relax for rejuvenating and relaxing .in Odisha there are many locations to provide such facility



Odisha coast is still unexplored for diving. We are in search of spiteful places for driving.


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Design Your Customised Tour packages