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As a part of Eastern Ghat hills rising.From 50 Mt to 1166 Mt.The area of 2750 sq.Km in northern most district of Odisha is the Similipal Sanctuary (core area of 300 sq. km iS proposed National Park) as well as the only Tiger Project.The picturesque hills, fascinating waterfalls, vast stretches of meadows, stately Sal and Champ forests, Perennial streams, varity or orchids (some rare & some common) are the natural setting of Similipal. This Supports a large congregafion of Indian Elephant, Sambar, gour, barking deer ,Four horned antelope, porcupine, pangolin, ratel, etc. in mammals, hill myna, hornbill, peafowl, red jungle fowl, eagle, kite etc. In birds, python, king cobra, cobra, krait etc. in reptiles and above all the mighty predator Tiger.


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