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Spreading over an area of 800 sq, km the brackish water logon is a Ramsar Site for conservation of Wetland (The home of water birds). During winter (Oct-Feb) the lake harbours around 20 lakh migratory birds. Many of them come from Siberia, Mongolia, central Asia, Arctic coosts,Lake Mansoravor, Lake Baikal, Ladakh and other for off places .These include flamingo, pintail, godwall, wigeon, spot-billed duck, shoveller, red-crested poacher, whimbrel,curlew, golden plover, brown-headed gull, Caspian tern, arctic tern etc. Found in abundance Where as dabchick, pelican, teals, white-bellied sea eagle, branminy kite, pariah kite etc. have become native to this lake. Few others such as black-racked stork .white fronted goose, osprey, Indian common crane Indian skimmer, spoon-billed sandpiper etc. are also Sighted rarely though. The total birds check listed to be 170.The pleasant boat journey to the bird’s island NALABANA is very much enjoyable and rewarded with sighting of Dolphins if approached from Satapada side. A night halt at Rajhans’forest bunglow of which one side is the Bay of Bengal and the other side is the lake Chilika can be a memorable one.


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